Cool Charters Vilamoura is proud to announce the arrival of their new Williams Turbojet 325 tender. The Turbojet is the perfect support boat for our 58 ft Flybridge yacht; ideal for cruising the golden caves and sea cliffs of the Algarve & visiting the shallow waters of its most secluded beaches.

Built for comfort and luxury the Williams Turbojet features a centrally mounted engine, ensuring smooth, no-fuss passenger boarding. It is powered by an extremely efficient and powerful Textron petrol engine; one of the world's cleanest seafaring engines by virtue of its inbuilt catalytic converter. With seating for 4, the Williams Turbojet 325 has everything required to enhance our luxury yacht charters in the Algarve. Its sports hull offers truly astonishing open water performance and a wonderfully stable ride and its stability makes it is the perfect vessel for negotiating shallow water.

If you are planning on visiting Vilamoura marina with your family or a small group of friends why not contact us beforehand to book a wonderfully intimate motor yacht charter along the Vilamoura coast. You'll be amazed how inexpensive a little luxury can be and we're sure our new Williams Turbojet 325 tender will make your time with us just that extra bit special.